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Welcome to Yonok Cho Couture
Owner & Manager Yonok ChoAre you looking for something special for that eagerly awaited party? Do you want to look fabulous on your daughter's wedding day? Or are you yourself the heroine of the day? Whatever the occasion might be, we are here to help you. Based in Oxford, we have been a dressmaker for a selected class of customers in England for more than twenty years.    

Our speciality encompasses all types of outfits including wedding dresses, occasion outfits and bespoke  handbags. We also love to revive the poise and beauty of vintages from as early as the 1930s. In addition we offer clothing alterations and restyling copy services for vintage and new outfits. So if you have discovered a fantastic piece in your old wardrobe but cannot fit yourself in it, do not despair. We may be able to give it a new lease of life.  
With many years of experience of bespoke dressmaking, we are confident that you will be happy using our ideas and skills. So please feel free to contact us if you want to discuss how to make your dream wear come true.    



 ... worked as a chief dressmaker for the renowned couture maker  Annabelinda in Oxford, England, for twelve  years until it was formally closed in 2012.
 During this period numerous customers have been satisfied to the  highest standard with exquisitely crafted outfits. The skills and the  experiences were transferred to the founding of Yonok Cho  Couture which are now producing one of the finest garments in  England. Yonok retains particular expertise in velvet fabrics for couture wedding gowns and special occasion outfits.

" Yonok made my wonderful ball dress for the 700th Birthday Ball of Exeter College, Oxford University. She did an exquisite job, copying a favourite old garment in wonderful new materials, and making some suggestions and improvements of her own. I strongly recommend her work."  
- Frances Cairncross, Former Rector (Principal) of Exeter College, Oxford 

Yonok's work is of the highest standard. All garments are beatifully finished, they fit perfectly, and attention to detail is remarkable. Once you've have a Yonok creation, you won't want to go back to the shops - not even the designer ones. 

- Lucy Shaw, Oxfordshire  

Yonok Cho made me a beautiful dress and coat for my daughter's wedding. Her sewing skills are exquisite and of the very highest standard and I was delighted with the end result.
Throughout the process Yonok had such good ideas and made excellent suggestions for fabrics and designs and went out of her way to help me. No dresses are comparable to her work, and this will make it very difficult not to go back to her !
I would recommend her unequivocally.

Clare Holenstein, Zürich